We’re thoughtbot, a design and development consultancy that brings your digital product ideas to life

When we’re not partnering with clients to build or grow their web and mobile apps, you’ll find us out in the community sharing what we’ve learned.

Enter Upcase by thoughtbot!

Since 2012, one way we’ve shared thoughtbot expertise is through the learning platform you find yourself on today - Upcase. With Upcase, we’ve helped thousands of developers level up their skills through workshops, videos, flash cards, and coding exercises.

Why Upcase?

While mentoring client teams, we identified a lack of educational content for intermediate developers. We decided to to fill that gap ourselves with Upcase.

The core of the Upcase platform is hundreds of hours of videos and screencasts, neatly organized into courses and by topic so that you can find exactly what you need and get to learning.

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Some of the topics we feature on Upcase include:

Upcase represents the collective best practices of the team here at thoughtbot. We’re thrilled to have opened it up to the public for free.